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“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable


MegaMuzz Keep your contacts flowing between MegaMuzz, Mad Mimi, and lots of other platforms.

Have you ever wished you could easily sync contacts between all of the platforms you use for digital marketing and social networking? Keeping everything organized in multiple locations can be very time consuming, with exports and imports taking over your schedule and detracting from time better spent on real productivity — like actually, you know… marketing.

With MegaMuzz, you can make virtually all your CRMs communicate with one another, sharing contact lists between them and automatically keeping your online platforms up-to-date. While MegaMuzz can link a whole bunch of CRMs together, this guide will show you specifically how to bring MegaMuzz contacts into Mad Mimi and vice versa.

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First, you'll tie your Mad Mimi account to MegaMuzz. From there, MegaMuzz gives you two great options: syncing your entire audience, or just syncing specific lists. Click here for full step by step instructions with screenshots.

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